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OASE 101 – Microcosm

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About OASE: The influential Dutch graphic designer Karel Martens [has] spent nearly 60 years developing a practice that reflects his persistent inquisitiveness – New York Times


OASE 101 – Microcosm | Searching for the City in Its Interiors

OASE 101 – Microcosm: In the modern city, everyday life is increasingly moving towards the inside of buildings. The interiors of department stores, market halls, administration buildings, museums or theatres are part of the experience of the urban dweller. Every inner world of the city has its own character atmosphere and representative architectural language that supports its specific societal significance.

In contemporary practice, these differences have largely disappeared; the logic of standardization blurs differences in meaning, but also in atmosphere. The more the exterior of buildings is invested with spectacular gestures, the more banal their interiors seem to become.

Rather than registering this disappearance, OASE 101 examines a range of strategies and design instruments for the public urban interior. The editors look for architectural projects for interiors that derive their significance from a specific approach and show a recognizable element of authorship.

Christoph Grafe, Eva Storgaard, Sereh Mandias, Asli Cicek, Eireen Schreurs, Frédie Floré, Marius Grootveld | design: Karel Martens en Aagje Martens | English/Dutch | paperback | 17 x 24 cm | 128 p. | illustrated.

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