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Odiseo 13 – The Last Supper

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Odiseo includes a selection of stories with an erotic point of view, paired with the most cutting edge ideas in an exquisite uncoated smooth paper.
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Odiseo 13 – The Last Supper

Odiseo 13 – The Last Supper was born from the unlucky number 13 – Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table. We look at how acts of treachery in many ways define the world we live in. Cheating, deception, cowardice – betrayal is almost entirely born out of trust, or love. Without one, the other does not exist. Revealing secrets, breaking a pact, a stab in the back, an act of revenge. We find shelter in the shadow of disloyalty; a thrill in the fear of discovery.

Contributors: Ashley D’Arcy, Cecilia Azcarate, Camila Falquez, Alexandra Von Fuerst, Clara Giaminardi, Koos Groenewald, Matthew Nesbitt, Nina Raasch, Sonia Rentsch, Robin Stein.

Odiseo 13 is published by The Flames and designed by Folch, 2019
24.5 × 17 × 1.4 cm

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