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Ossigeno offers a new way of thinking. It’s easy to engage with but isn’t superficial. It opens new horizons on every aspect of wellbeing: quality of life, bodily health, spiritual equilibrium and living in harmony with the environment that surrounds us. Colours, words, space, silence, solids and voids, images….

In the fourth issue of the book series Ossigeno | Elements of Life, research and readings have a distinctive feature: reducing subjects to their lowest terms in order to analyse them point by point, asking apparently elementary questions and deeply going into unexpected reflections.

In this number:

pop-up chef – BRAND NEW CULTURE. AN INTERVIEW WITH YOJI TOKUYOSHI_ curated by Carlo Zauli Interculturalism means different culture in its turn, enshrining world’s future. Here is Yoji Tokuyoshi’s interpretation of the encounter between Italy and Japan. Photographic portrait exclusively realized for O4 by Mustafa Sabbagh

to the core – THE DARK SIDE OF THE APPLE INVESTIGATION ON A FRUIT ABOVE SUSPICION_ curated by Elena Di Fazio A journey in the middle where the worm dwells, where – in addition to the very famous nutrients – it is good to take into account man-made literary tampering

to the core – MORE THAN A PEANUT. IN ARACHIS’ DEFENCE, FROM SCHULZ TO JANKÉLÉVITCH_ curated by Patricia De Croce The “spineless” fruit is much more worth than the reductive meanings attributed by common language. Organoleptic, but also epistemological, analysis: even Schulz would have changed his mind.

stage name – IRIS VAN HERPEN. THE TECHNO-APPEAL OF THE INORGANIC_ curated by Fabiola Triolo Iris van Herpen’s creations – compendiums of high tailoring, contemporary art and scientific testing – are pure Gesamtkunstwerk with a fetish techno-appeal. A tale of the Dutch designer by means of social experiment [#Sixdegrees, pag. 54], music [#Solo, pag. 62], history of costume and architecture [#Habitus, pag. 64] and history of art [#Lavoisier Reloaded, pag. 70]

in ferment – ABOUT NORSE ALCHEMIES AND TASTE TRANSMUTATIONS. THE SCANDINAVIAN TRILOGY OF FISH FERMENTATION_ curated by Stefano Santangelo Extreme in food and how to bend it to one’s own will. Fish fermentation in Northern Europe, alchemical path in three steps, and acquired taste as a social construct.

O for Ólos – ALL THAT GLITTERS. COMMODIFICATION OF CHILDHOOD THROUGH THE 4P OF MARKETING curated by Serena Valentini Risk shelves. Focus groups and trendspotters to study children and adolescents’ behavior from the inside, insidiously, chasing them “from the cradle to the grave” through food neuromarketing.

the O’ spa – MUSIC MAKES TOMATOES GROW. INTERVIEW WITH THE MAESTRO GIUSEPPE VESSICCHIO curated by Federico Spadoni The Mozart-Effect and music able to give wellbeing, to plants too. Maestro Giuseppe Vessicchio’s field research, in a journey through matter elasticity and its ability to vibrate.

yogas?tra 3.0 – TALE OF THE EGO AND THE TROUBLEMAKER ?SANA curated by Sandro di Domenico Self-centered yoga: almost an automatism, the search for inner peace exalts Ego. The tangible risk of ruining everything by approaching ?sanas through the wrong question.

under pressure – THE EMERODROME AND THE ART OF RUNNING. AN INTERVIEW WITH STEFANO BALDINI_curated by Federico Tosi Mind and body: running and learning how to do it. On O4 pages the Olympic gold medalist Stefano Baldini, at the wire to win the 2004 Athens Marathon, on Pheidippides’ road.

senses and the city – ENRICA CAMPORESI: PERFORMING ANTWERP. A SIX-ACT OPERA curated by Fabiola Triolo The travel journal of an author by profession, who experiences the city and captures its essence listening to the language of the body, plus a Google Maps itinerary not so easily traced by the tourist guides. For O4, the curator and dramaturge Enrica Camporesi ‘feels’ Antwerp.

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Ossigeno – subscription

From: € 60,00