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Riposte 9

From:  16.00

The Smart magazine for Women; Riposte is profiling ‘bold and fascinating women whose achievements speak for themselves’. Riposte 9 is featuring writer Janet Mock and Maria Alyokhina of Pussy Riot, among others.
(Note that the covers of this issue will be selected at random when ordered).


Riposte 9 is here to brighten up your winter

Riposte 9 is packed with fascinating women, inspiring stories and features to feed your brain.

We have honest and up front conversations with a cast of powerfully brilliant women including trans activist and writer Janet Mock, director Melina Matsoukas, iconic graphic designer Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Maria Alyokhina of Pussy Riot and fashion designer Peggy Noland.

Elsewhere we balance big issues alongside fun features all brought to life by specially commissioned visuals and photography:

Be Cool, Be Humble – Why we need to de-braggadocio the working world.

The Future of Food – How will we feed 9 billion people in 2050?

Dad Material– We celebrate the men who would make dream Dad material.

The Witch in All of Us – An exploration of modern witchcraft.

Look. At. This – The flow and rhythm of iconic designer Bea Feitler.

Wherever You May Be. Let Your Wind Go Free – Overcoming the shame of a fart.

Northern Girls – The voices of young Northern women today.

Bots and their Biases – On diversity and Artificial Intelligence.

The Pursuit of Happiness – Why it’s healthy to embrace your inner emo.

Drowning in Data – Making the unknown known with Mona Chalabi.

A Room of One’s Own – The housing crisis facing us all.

Children of Graceland – Hayley Louisa Brown’s visual essay on the young fans of Elvis

Kimberly Drew closes the issue with big praise for her icon Wendy Williams.

(Note that the covers of this issue will be selected at random when ordered).

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