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Slanted 28 – Warsaw

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Slanted is all about typography – a topic that is given far too little coverage



Slanted 28 -Warsaw

In June 2016, the Slanted editors Lars Harmsen and Julia Kahl embarked on a two-week-trip to Warsaw, taking a close look on the contemporary design scene of Warsaw. They wanted to figure out what Polish design looks like today, asking how the young generation finds its place in society – in a capital which is constantly striding forward – a great opportunity and/or struggle, redefining own positions and thoughts.

Slanted met numerous designers, from old masters and legends, such as Ros?aw Szaybo or Mieczys?aw Wasilewski, to the young wild ones, such as Noviki, Type2, Jakub de Barbaro, or Edgar B?k Studio – as well as well known figures from the contemporary design scene, such as ?ukasz Dziedzic, FONTARTE, HUNCWOT, Grzegorz Laszuk, Mamastudio, Super Super, Syfon Studio, Jacek Utko, UVMW, White Cat Studio, and Zerkaj Studio.

Moreover Slanted 28 is thematically complemented by illustrations, photography, interviews and essays. It comes along with contributions by 3group, Max Cegielski, Cyber Kids on Real, Klara Czerniewska, Olga Drenda, Agata Dudek, Marta Gawin, Dirk Gebhardt, Viktoriya Grabowska, Grupa Projektor, Homework, Jakub Jezierski, Tymek Jezierski, Janek Koza, Agata Królak, KUKI, Iwona Kurz, Piotr Le?niak, Ian Lynam, Mateusz Machalski, Piotr M?odo?eniec, MOONMADNESS, Negation Studio, Marta Niedba?, Ola Niepsuj, Agata Nowicka, Kacper Pob?ocki, Powa?ne Studio, Redkroft, Zuzanna Rogatty, Dr. Piotr Rypson, Dawid Ryski, siedemzero, Piotr Socha, StudioKxx, Studio Otwarte, Super Salon, Dr. Agata Szyd?owska, Tomasz Walenta, and Rene Wawrzkiewicz.

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