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SpaghettiMag. 8 – Timeless


SpaghettiMag. 8 has two covers. Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee a specific cover at the time of the order.


SpaghettiMag. 8 – Timeless

SpaghettiMag. 8 – Timeless | “Timeless” is the fil rouge of SpaghettiMag. 8. Over the centuries, “time” has been the focus of philosophical debates. Debates that have never found a unique solution. For this reason, “time” remains something absolutely abstract and conceptual. SpaghettiMag. in this new edition, through historical periods, trying to bring to the surface “moments” that have changed the global vision of the things.

Interviews, focus, editorials, storytelling: everything is experienced as a journey through Who, over time, has been able to stand out, becoming, finally, an icon of himself.

Note that the 2 covers of this issue will be selected at random.

About SpaghettiMag.
Creative Director & Cool Hunter of Tunisian origins, Emira M’Sakni is the “Deus ex Machina” behind the SpaghettiMag project. She scrupulously chooses the topics, selects the collaborators, coordinates the activities and makes sure that all the contents are consistent with the fil rouge of each number.
The name SpaghettiMag. tells Emira’s love for spaghetti, and the meaning of SPA, that suggests a sense of luxury, and GHETTI, that in italian, means something went from niche, that supposes research.

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