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The Happy Reader 11 – Olly Alexander


The Happy Reader is a bookish quarterly devoted to the pleasures of devouring the written word. With beautiful typography, the magazine is a design object which celebrates the pure pleasure of reading and the calming luxury of being offline.


The Happy Reader 11 – Featuring Olly Alexander on the cover

The Happy Reader 11 features pop singer Olly Alexander and floral adventure The Black Tulip.

Issue 11 strives to unlock the meaning of THE BLACK TULIP, an unputdownable novel set in the Dutch Golden Age. Dumas’ book has contributors asking questions like, ‘why do people join angry mobs?’, ‘why is my neighbour so friendly to my boyfriend?’, ‘why are there fleas on my bulb?’ and ‘why is China so excited about racing pigeons?’ With DEBORAH LEVY, RICHARD BENSON, CHARLIE CONNELLY and NEAL FOX.

Size: 170 x 250 mm
Pages: 66
Publication: 2018

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