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The Plant 3 – Camellia

Besides providing botanical contents in a simple, personal and cozy way, The PLANT offers to plant lovers a new look on greenery by featuring the works of creative people who also love plants.

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The Plant 3 – Camellia: the Obscure Geometry of a Flower

The Plant 3 – Camellia: the Obscure Geometry of a Flower. The Camellia-cover has been photographed by Coke Bartrina.

The Plant 3 is about the bright flowering Camellia and features inspiring florist Thierry Boutemy, a visit to English director Derek Jarman’s cottage at Dungeness, the legendary Joshua Tree, potted gardens in Tokyo, and photographs by Jennilee Marigomen.

Also featuring amongst others: Jonas Marguet, Extreme Gardening, Daisuke Hamada, Growing with Clay, Britt Browne, Terrariums, Matt Olson, Scheltens & Abbenes, Brittle Botany, Ángeles Peña, Daniel Trese and Jean Luc Godard.

Includes ‘The Obscure Geometry of a Flower’, a monograph on the Camellia illustrated by Marcus Oackley, Shoboshobo, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Ping Zhu and Hiromi Nakajima.

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