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Tique | art paper 3 – Six Questions

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Tique | art paper is a magazine about visual art. It aims to inspire with curated content about artists, exhibitions and publications. It looks more deeply, with interviews, backgrounds and essays. Issue 3 is about the Six Questions interviewing the artists.
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Tique | art paper 3 – Six Questions

Tique | art paper 3 – Six Questions | When talking to artists, there were always certain questions that interested us in particular. We wanted to know about their work, their working methods, their process of creation and where they get their inspiration from.

In 2016 we collected these questions to create a recurring feature called Six Questions. Every week we published an interview based on these questions on the website of Tique. Three years and over 160 interviews later, the format is still going strong; every week we get to know an artist personally through words and images. The format leaves the artist the freedom to answer in their own voice and style, from the concise to the in-depth and from the factual to the poetic.

Tique arose out of the simple desire to share the work of relevant artists about whom we are enthusiastic. The Six Questions format has turned out to be an excellent means of doing so, and we’re celebrating this with the current edition of Tique | publication on contemporary art.

Tique | art paper 3 – Six Questions, contains interviews with Jonas Lund, Marge Monko, Letha Wilson, Félicia Atkinson, Ali Zanjani, Paulien Oltheten, Marc Nagtzaam, Yuki Okumura, Katja Mater, Eric Giraudet de Boudemange, Paul Kooijker and Lito Kattou.

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