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Unconditional 3 – Cover 2

Unconditional is made by women, for women, and primarily about women. It is a touchstone for those who follow and actively absorb fashion but do not obsess over it.
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Unconditional 3 is a celebration of Summer featuring the iconic Ms. Gemma Ward.

Unconditional 3 – Spring/Summer 2016. – We chose Gemma because she is independent, strong, and brimming with personality, a true antidote to the superficiality that can sometimes plague fashion. We were thinking a lot about authenticity with this issue and what it means today, on and offline. We chose women who seem to have an innate grasp of what that means for themselves and who live lives accordingly. We spent a day with the American actress Gillian Jacobs just as she was beginning to shoot the second season of Love and had the pleasure to pry Elin Kling away for an afternoon to talk motherhood, business and the success of Totême. We had lunch with Okay Kaya, discussed art direction with Brynn Heminway and found out what your perfume says about you with Claudia de Pablo Vicens, the founder of Tramuntana. We also took a trip to Sydney, gave Larissa Hoffman a camera to shoot her first print editorial, and let our fashion director and Will Davidson explore who is more real, @steffyargelich or Steffy herself?

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