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Unconditional 4 – Cover 1

From:  23.00

Unconditional is made by women, for women, and primarily about women. It is a touchstone for those who follow and actively absorb fashion but do not obsess over it.


Unconditional 4 is a take on the classics—classic clothes, classic ideas and classic individuals. The face of this issue is the peerless Othilia Simon.

Unconditional 4 – Autumn/Winter 2016 – takes a look at the things we love; the ones that never go out of style because they most clearly express who we are and want to be. Othilia Simon, a model and individual who is a know quantity among the arbiters of fashion, but who exists outside the ever pervasive ‘like’ economy.

Alongside Ms. Simon are profiles of Vanessa Traina, who sits for a rare lengthy discussion on her life’s work and the multi- talented singer and cellist Kelsey Lu—two women who are shifting the landscape of their respective fields. The bulk of this issue’s 176 pages are given to editorials that lend our individual perspective on what a classic looks like in 2016. Will Davidson and Camilla de Terre detail the lives of the white shirt; Larissa Hoffman and Zen spend a day in the pursuit of dining; and Alexandra Nataf and Ilona Hamer road trip with Zaga, Zuzu and a trunkful of denim. Also appearing in Issue Four are a host of our favorite new faces, including Adela Stenberg, Grace Elizabeth, Hayett McCarthy and Olivia Jansing.

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