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Unconditional 5 – Cover 2

Unconditional is made by women, for women, and primarily about women. It is a touchstone for those who follow and actively absorb fashion but do not obsess over it.

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Unconditional 5 – Cover 2: Spring/Summer 2017

Unconditional 5 focuses on the individuals who understand that to be free creatively, we need to shake off artifice and automatic ideas. Melanie Ward, who led the assault that originated to our current creative impulse, is this spirit incarnate. Marte Mei van Haaster is an artist, a model, and muse to many who is firmly in control of her own story, and a career that continues to take off. Far from the cliché of a super, Julia Stegner has never tried to be anything but real, despite the preternatural ability to walk on to a set and become anyone. Together with Crystal Moselle and Kelly Lee Owens, who are pushing boundaries in film and music, these individuals are catalysts for change. This issue is of Unconditional for the misfits and the iconoclasts.

On this cover of Unconditional 5: Marte Mei van Haaster

‘It feels like all of us are thinking of ways to break free—from reality, from politics, from our feeds; and from old ways of thinking. With this issue of UNCONDITIONAL we wanted to focus on that energy. Clearly, the way to be free is to trust our own instincts. Only through gut feeling can we truly shake off dusty ideas and start over. Marte Mei van Haaster is proof that being true to self is the only thing that matters. Artist, model and muse to many, she’s as real as it gets.’ (From: Instagram Unconditional)

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