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Unconditional 7 – Lauren Hutton

From:  23.00

Unconditional is made by women, for women, and primarily about women. It is a touchstone for those who follow and actively absorb fashion but do not obsess over it.


Unconditional 7 – Lauren Hutton | Spring/Summer 2018

Unconditional 7: this issue is themed around the women who have been at the forefront of our imagination for years. The ones who shaped and inspired our approach to the magazine. You can see bits of them—their look, their attitude and their style—in every page of Unconditional, but we never thought we’d have them all together, side by side, in a single issue. The women on our two covers need no introduction. Lauren Hutton and Liya Kebede have broken barriers, shattered ceiling and endlessly redefined what it means to be a modern woman living on her own terms. If Unconditional could be summed up in two women, Lauren and Liya are it.

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