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Underwear Tales 1

From:  15.00

‘Sometimes the biggest secrets you can only tell a stranger’



Underwear Tales 1

‘My name is Jesus Diaz from Brooklyn, NY and currently residing in Berlin, Germany. I created a magazine series titled “Underwear Tales”. It combines photography, art, typography and graphic design to create one amazing end result.

The idea for this magazine comes from a thought: we are always interested in what happens in the lives of others, which has only fueled our cultural obsession with reality tv and social media. Somehow we love knowing what other people do and we can sit back and ask ourselves why they do it that way. Learning that for a moment, maybe we are not alone. Underwear Tales does just that. We tell the stories that people want to share.

We are going to take the reader into the lives of people from all over the world who have displayed their most intimate parts. Maybe the stories can be beneficial to us one day. Not every tale will touch us, but our goal is to entertain, voyeur, and most of all be real.’

Jesus Diaz

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