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Upstate Diary 10 – Nature Comes First

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Upstate Diary 10 – With Jerry Saltz, the Pulitzer Prize winning art critic; he discusses his upcoming book How to Be an Artist. And much more…


Upstate Diary 10 comes with two covers. Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee a specific cover at the time of ordering.


Upstate Diary 10 – Nature Comes First

Upstate Diary 10 is featuring:

Jerry Saltz, the Pulitzer Prize winning art critic, discusses his upcoming book How to Be an Artist. An amazing spread full of inspirational energy!

Annie Leibovitz captures the former outpost of the Bloomsbury Group, in West Sussex, UK, where Virginia Wolf wrote Orlando. Award winning writer Mark Hooper gives us deeper insight into the writers and intellectuals who gathered there in the 20th century and how they pioneered the LBGT community — almost a century before those letters were recognized.

Gregory Crewdson, the world-renowned artist and director has a daily swim routine that inspires the creation of his stunning work. Lets go for a swim!

Peter Saul is frequently referred to as the founder of Pop Art. His upcoming retrospective in the Spring of 2020, at The New Museum (NYC), is highly anticipated. Photographer Marcelo Krasilcic checks out his place.

Helen Molesworth, the renowned art curator, shares what inspired her to become a curator and her concept for an upcoming exhibition at Jack Shainman’s School gallery. Christian Witkin captured her portrait.

Jeremy Anderson, co-founder of Apparatus Design, shows us his new line of ceramic vessels created at the studio on his country property. Carlton Davis documents it all.

Elfie Semotan broke ground with her fashion images in the ‘90s. At her home in the Austrian countryside, she documents personal objects that have particular meaning to her.

We feature the remarkable Plastic Tent House by architect John M. Johansen (1916–2012), a member of the Harvard Five. Don Freeman documented the space while Johnson was still alive and the photos have never been published, until now.

Charlie McCormick, in an intimate visit to his spectacular gardens in Dorset, UK, shares his secrets on how to grow prize-winning Dahlias. How we love Dahlias! Documented by Julian Broad.

Artist Portia Munson lives and works in a home unlike any other — it’s a fairy tale on acid!

Morgan J. Puett, artist and former fashion designer, shows us how her daily life is all performance art. Guzman capture Puett in action. Her close friend and former Chief Editor of Out magazine, Aaron Hicklin, sums it all up.

And more…

Upstate Diary features amazing artists and creators with lifestyles close to nature. Come on inside, we look at country living in a whole new way! Dive in & be inspired!

Biannual / 21x 28 cm / Perfect binding / 112 p / Off-set printing.

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