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Upstate Diary 11 – The Purpose Of It All

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Upstate Diary 11 features Tschabalala Self who is building something powerful. Also with Dan Colen, Suzanne Demisch, Jeila Gueramian, among many others…


Current issue Upstate Diary 11 comes with two covers: “The Purpose Of It All” and “Let’s Be Creative”. Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee a specific cover at the time of ordering.


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Upstate Diary 11 – The Purpose Of It All | Cover 2: Let’s Be Creative

Upstate Diary 11 is featuring:

Tschabalala Self known for her depictions of Black female figures, her meteoric rise in the Art Market is complicated — and she tells it how it is. – Words: Daniel Fuller Ph: Guzman

Dan Colen The artist, and former bad boy, has turned his naughty behavior into good stuff: he is growing fresh veggies for food banks — and he gives it all away. – Words: Kate Orne Ph: Matt Jones

Jonathan Kline Is a weaver working against time — weaving stunning baskets and sculptures from Ash trees which was once so abundant, but is now succumbing to the deadly Emerald ash borer. – Words: Deborah Needleman Ph; Carlton Davis

Suzanne Demisch Don’t judge a book by its cover, specially not the slightly built co-founder of renowned Demisch Danant gallery in NYC. Demisch rebuilds historic stonewalls in her free time — which we consider a more than back breaking hobby. – Words: Glenn Adamson Ph: Martin Crook

Lexi Smith explore bread baking’s potential as a social, political, economic, and ecological barometer — and as edible sculptures. – Words: Sabine Hrechdakian Ph: Matt Jones

Kieran Kinsella carves tree stumps, he finds in the forest, into stunning stools that collectors are going wild for. – Words: Chris Hartman Ph: Martin Crook

The Art of Animal Communication Cindy Brody helps animals to express their feelings, unravelling behavioral issues—we could all learn something from her. – Words: Nicola Tyson Ph: Carlton Davis

The Ultimate Man Cave Greg Powlesland restores sails boats in his awe-inspiring studio. – Words: Nick Sullivan Ph: Antony Crolla

Kai Kühne proves that there is nothing off about being eccentric. – Words:Tony Moxham Ph: Marcelo Krasilcic

Jeila Gueramian’s inspiration and source material is never farther away than the nearest thrift store. Her playful whimsical womblike installations of are just what the doctor ordered – lets step inside! – Words: Daniel Fuller Ph: Simon Burstall

Billy Childish the British performer and artist is a one-man torrent of unselfconscious expression, producing creative works in many different fields at once — poetry, music, painting, photography, film and probably ones that we don’t know about — and not worrying much about reactions or reviews. He finishes the thing, then he moves onto the next one. – Words: Mark Hooper Ph: Julian Broad

Joshua Vogel co-founded BDDW, an American made furniture & design company, yearned for a life in the countryside. Known for his exquisite work in wood, he is now exploring stone sculpting. – Words: Paul Tierney Ph: Gentle & Hyers

And more…

Upstate Diary features amazing artists and creators with lifestyles close to nature. Come on inside, we look at country living in a whole new way! Dive in & be inspired!

Biannual / 21x 28 cm / Perfect binding / 114 p / Off-set printing.

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