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Volume 14 – Unsolicited Architecture

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Volume Magazine takes architecture right across culture. Starting in 2005, Volume is a partnership with Columbia University’s C-Lab in New York and the research bureau of Rem Koolhaas’s OMA-AMO in Rotterdam.


Volume 14 – Unsolicited Architecture

Volume 14 – Unsolicited Architecture: In order to actively grapple with the challenges of our age, architects have to transform themselves from extremely competent executors of assignments into entrepreneurs and producers. Volume 14 discusses essential tools to reclaim professional autonomy.

Three Parts

In the first part, Volume sits ‘Around the table’ with forward-thinking practitioners who see a different role and responsibility for architects. The central part presents the portfolio of the Office for Unsolicited Architecture founded by Ole Bouman and students of MIT. The third part marks the unsolicited world according to young architects and artists from around the globe.

With contributions by Ole Bouman, Matthijs Bouw, Elizabeth Demaray, F.A.S.T., Bryan Finoki, Alicia Framis, Andrea Giacomelli, Harmen de Hoop, Katrin Korfmann, L.E.FT., Ersela Kripa, Katherina Matoukis, Hugo Priemus, Wang Qingsong, Rebar, Sašo Sedlacek, Michael Shamiyeh, Dik Smits, Studio Beirut includes Steve Eid, Pascale Hares, Bernard Mallat, Nabil Menhem, Joe Mounzer Rani Rajji and Michael Stanton, Kirsten Algera, Felix Janssens, Daniël van der Velden, Kai Vöckler, Hans Wilschut, ZUS.

Information Volume 14 – Unsolicited Architecture: editor-in-chief Arjen Oosterman, designed by Irma Boom and Sonja Haller  – 168 pages, soft-cover binding.

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