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Volume 27

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With the Western world heading towards a life expectancy of 100 years, the question is: with the realm of architectural invention, are you ready to face getting old?
While visions of a country full of geriatric hospitals and nursing homes come to mind, there is an urgent design task to reintegrate the aged into the labor market and also healthcare facilities into the domestic setting. And this population segment can provide a new capacity to capture wisdom and experience. The deterioration of mind, body and the urban environment suggests we have a fight on our hands to stay young: but do we really have the energy to live and build for eternity?
This issue explores these ideas through current architectural typologies and institutional approaches over vast territory: from the nuclear industry that builds until One Billon AD to the top-down and bottom-up growth of New York, Tehran, Berlin and Newcastle. The aging issue of Volume is a necessary compendium for those who wish to design into the future by understanding the immediate challenges of today.

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