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Volume 29

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The term ‘senior moment’ typically refers to an age-related lapse in memory, logical thinking, or sense of orientation. But appearing at a loss is merely a common trick to conceal actions that are part of a highly coordinated effort. Driven by deep-seated memories and using long-term spatial planning, the elderly have been conspiring to realize a surprising plan.VOLUME#29 uncovers this historical phase, or ‘Senior Moment’ of elderly triumph.
The issue presents ‘the plan’, identifies
the ‘locations’, ‘members’, ‘assets’, and ‘strategies’ involved. With Leon Krier, Michael Graves, Yoko Ono, Paola Antonelli, Aubrey the Grey, John Beard, Francesco Bonami, Deane Simpson, Felipe Correa, Junya Ishigami, Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Linda Fried, Anne-Sophie Parent,  Rebecca Chiu, Naho Kubota, Andrew Carle, Alan Simpson, Ted Fishman, Ramo Gheerawo and Sean Donahue, Benedict Clouette and Marlise Wise, Gesine Marquardt, and Lebbeus Woods.
VOLUME#29 also features the insert: Trust Design 3: Faith Is Trust. Editor Scott Burnham, design Roosje Klap.
Volume #29- The Urban Conspiracy, 184 pages, with an insert on Trust, Design#3 and Tracing Concepts Binding: Soft cover

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