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Volume 44 – On display

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One of architecture’s histories is that of the art of display: architecture displaying power, political ambition, economic success, social agendas, or less mundane notions like dreams, convictions and belief. These days architecture has also become subjected to display: the display of architecture – in museums and collections, and in auctions for example.  That adds but also distracts meaning; not every aspect of architecture can be displayed as easy. And what does a culture of display (be seen or perish) add to this condition? Thinking of the value of architecture beyond purely financial terms, ‘display’ is a factor of influence. For better or for worse.

With contributions from: AIRBNB Pavilion, Brendan Cormier, Tina DiCarlo, Sjarel Ex, Fabrizio Gallanti, Marten Gielen/Rotor, Rory Hyde, Mari Lending, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jana Pavlová, Stephan Petermann/AMO. Volume #44 includes an insert by Het Nieuwe Instituut on 1:1 models, featuring Andreas Angelidakis, Floor van Ast, Guus Beumer, Hetty Berens, Petra Blaisse, Patrick Healy, Dirk van den Heuvel, Inside Outside, Marten Kuijpers.

Facts: Volume #44: On Display, 144 pages, soft-cover binding.

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