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ZOO Magazine 49 has four covers where of one by Mr. Till Lindemann, the lead singer of Rammstein and here, star of an iconic creative shoot by Sandor Lubbe. In this edition of ZOO Magazine, Mr. Lindemann is caught in conversation, joined by musical collaborator Peter Tägtgren, discussing their debut album as a joint venture, the artistic virtues of anger and how youth has lost its angst.

Paul Bettany speaks on life behind the lens, having both written and directed the film Shelter, the harrowing love story of a drug addict and illegal immigrant set on the streets of New York. And the cinema doesn’t stop hitting hard, as Will Poulter, the young British actor and star of The Revenant, reflects on his most challenging role to date, starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in this legend of survival, the vision of Oscar-winning director, Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Further dialogs count proud subjects in artists Kohei Nawa, Andra Ursuta, MSGM CEO Massimo Giorgetti, and the inimitable Julee Cruise, while arresting imagery comes courtesy of Roger Deckker, Alex Cayley and Bryan Adams, whose artful photography underpins the issue with inquiring insubordination.

Find all this, and much more, in the pages of ZOO Issue 49, Winter 2015

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