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ZOO Magazine 50 Lewis Hamilton

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ZOO Magazine is a globally-oriented quarterly style title for women and men, focusing on German/English readers. ZOO is an inspirational platform that targets fashion and everything to do with it, such as music, cinema, art, interior design and architecture. The intelligent and cutting-edge approach of ZOO sets the magazine apart from the mainstream, highlighting avant-gardist personalities and themes in an extraordinary, eccentric way.

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ZOO Magazine 50

Spring 2016 marks a milestone for ZOO, stood at the axis of immortal taste and the avant-garde through 50 iconic issues. ZOO Magazine 50 is out!

Fronting the covers of ZOO Magazine 50, our anniversary issue, a rich mix of subjects shot by six photographers, starting with David Roemer’s haunting depictions of Daphne Groeneveld, and the iconic Magdalena Frackowiak by Alex Cayley. Actor Kyle Gallner serves as cover star, talking to ZOO about his most pivotal role yet: turning a father for the first time. Third-time world champion Lewis Hamilton pulls the pace as he reflects on his racing career, while artist Glenn Brown unpicks the power of his appropriative paintings and, as it so happens, graces the age of fifty. He’s in good company, both the inimitable Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford, too sharing this poignant number, captured in black and white by Bryan Adams.

Elsewhere in the issue, Rick Owens affords an insight into his atelier, and designer James Long dissects his eponymous menswear label. Alain-Fabien Delon and Olivier Martinez take a step back from the silver screen to star in our two arresting feature editorials, and Grimes showcases the latest looks from Louis Vuitton in her own inimitable style. And it wouldn’t be an anniversary without retracing the route that paves its importance; through half a century back to the year 1966, and East to West coast across the USA’s Route 50. Last but by no means least, join us in looking back through 50 issues of ZOO, an archive bound with an arresting history, a verve only set to go further.


Glenn Brown / Natja Brunckhorst
Sam Claflin / Cindy Crawford
Alain-Fabien Delon / Linda Evangelista
Kyle Gallner / Grimes / Lewis Hamilton
Oda Jaune / Ariane Labed / James Long
Olivier Martinez / Xu Zhen

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