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ZOO Magazine 52 – Djenice Duarte Silva

From:  18.00

Gracing this cover is Djenice Duarte Silva, shot by Laetitia Negre.
ZOO Magazine 52 – Fall issue comes in a variety of four covers, each shot by a worldfamous photographer. ZOO Magazine is a luxurious media product that targets fashion and everything to do with it, such as culture, celebrities, interior design and architecture.


ZOO Magazine 52 – Djenice Duarte Silva, featured in a HOOD BY AIR special photographed by Laetitia Negre, graces this cover of the latest issue.

ZOO Magazine 52 also features artist Gina Beavers, Game Of Thrones-actor Alfie Allen, actor Mads Mikkelsen, who will soon be seen in two new films, namely Doctor Strange en Star Wars: Rogue One. Also part of this fall issue, is British singer Jake Bugg, the German actrices Emilia Schule en Lavinia Wilson and a foto-special with HOOD BY AIR.

Katherine Moore and Mads Mikkelsen will grace the other covers of ZOO Magazine 52.

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