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ZOO Magazine 56 – Amandine Renard

From:  21.00

The intelligent, cutting-edge approach of ZOO sets the magazine apart from the mainstream, highlighting avant-gardist personalities and themes in an extraordinary, eccentric way.


ZOO Magazine 56 – Amandine Renard photographed by Bryan Adams: Fall issue.

The theme for ZOO Magazine 56 – Amandine Renard is Absence. While for many fall equals repatriation and a return to set routines, for us it equals an invitation to continue exploring. From forests and lakes to dunes and the wilderness, we keep on basking in being consciously absent from daily life.

The latest issue of ZOO Magazine is in itself a truly multifaceted adventure through fashion, art and design, delivered in our signature style and furthering the concept of Absence – a construct that has come to mean different things to many individuals. Through an in-depth interview with William Kentridge we take a journey through the inner workings of a mind capable to create art loaded with symbolism and ambiguity in which so much is purposely left unspecified for the viewer to complete on their own. His personal take on absence? Meaning does not always need to be spoon-fed to the viewer in order to manifest itself loud and clear.

Elsewhere, we probe the mind of Greek experimental theater maker Dimitris Papaioannou about art versus propaganda, and the importance of accepting oneself. Papaioannou, who reinvents stage art as a trick of the mind, openly inviting viewers to put their imagination to work, creates plays in which plots are redundant, highlighting universal themes such as the ambiguity of love and the ineluctability of death. And if that still hasn’t quenched your thirst for brilliant conversations, we also get personal with celebrated Dutch designer, Iris van Herpen, delving deeper into her enchanting universe and the unparalleled aesthetics of her creations.

We then venture across the pond for an editorial featuring Hopper Jack Penn styled from head to toe in Dior Homme. The up and coming actor divides his time between modeling, acting and making pizza at this godfather’s Westwood joint in a bid to stay grounded but finds time to squeeze us in to his jam-packed schedule for a candid interview.

In ZOO Magazine 56 – Amandine Renard we continue interpreting fashion through our very own aesthetic: Nagi Sakai strikes again with yet another enchanting shoot – this time featuring model Guinevere van Seenus. Set mainly in the wilderness and amid cascading waterfalls, the story invites you to get lost in nature, keep on exploring and look damn good doing it too. We continue our absence-based wandering in The Forest, shot by Tiziano Magni where the peace of darkness and somber foliage get interrupted by deep red accents and flashes of exposed skin.

Home to many more alluring shoots and interviews as well as our curated Design section, ZOO Magazine’s latest issue promises to bring you the latest news in fashion while piquing your interest and urging you to give Absence your very own personal meaning.

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