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ZOO Magazine 58 – Camilla Deterre (2)

From:  21.00

The intelligent, cutting-edge approach of ZOO sets the magazine apart from the mainstream, highlighting avant-gardist personalities and themes in an extraordinary, eccentric way.


ZOO Magazine 58 – Camilla Deterre (2) photographed by Nagi Sakai

ZOO Magazine 58 – Camilla Deterre (2) | The issue 58 has seven covers, featuring Pamela Anderson, Till Lindemann, Camilla Deterre, Soo Joo Park, Molly Smith, Jess Cole.

Photographers are Bryan Adams, Sandor Lubbe, Nagi Sakai, Hugh Lippe, Tiziano Magni.

ZOO Magazine sets itself apart from the mainstream with an intellectual, cutting-edge approach to artistic disciplines. A cross-over print publication that inspires creative minds with a unique point of view. Next to the print magazine, the editorials and interviews as well as the latest news from the worlds of fashion, art, music and design can be found on the digital platform of ZOO.

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