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ZOO Magazine 61 – Winter Issue

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The intelligent, cutting-edge approach of ZOO sets the magazine apart from the mainstream, highlighting avant-gardist personalities and themes in an extraordinary, eccentric way.

(Note that the 7 covers of issue 61 will be selected at random when ordered. At the end of the Checkout you can note which cover you prefer, so we can send the right one if possible.)



ZOO Magazine 61 – Winter Issue

ZOO Magazine 61 – Winter Issue | This issue of ZOO Magazine offers 7 separate covers and exhibits a plethora of the very freshest, most innovative and exciting content to be delved into. Namely, this edition features exclusive interviews with internationally recognised and acclaimed musicians, actors and artists such as Vic Mensa, Caroline Vreeland, Will Peltz and Jo Baer and of course the guaranteed very latest in fashion, photography, design and art.

The vociferous, outspoken Chicago rapper Vic Mensa, photographed by Roger Rich, candidly discusses his own community activism, the constant potential for lyrical social commentary and how his passion for expressive, personalised clothing has birthed its very own clothing line.

Caroline Vreeland, photographed by musician Bryan Adams, discusses the juxaposition between her bubbly projected image and her newfound discovery of the blues. She reflects on her responsibilities as an influencer and role model on social media and thoughts on what the MeToo movement is meaning for women in the industry at the moment.

Acclaimed minimalist art legend, the palpable Jo Baer reflects back on her incredible, adventurous career in an in-depth interview with ZOO.

Austrian-born actress Nora Waldstätten, talks about her origins in ballet, her first love of performing and her affinity for fashion. ZOO also speaks to up-and-coming young actor-model Will Peltz about being cast as the villain as well as shooting and walking for top photographers and designers. German-Ghanaian R&B artist Ace Tee, photographed by Philippe Gerlach, reveals her creative process, her musical influences and how important it is for her to stay grounded and connected with her roots.

Stunning photography from the likes David Ferrua, Sandor Lubbe, Nik Hartley and Roman Goebel can be expected, as well as insightful pieces on Oda Jaune’s breathtaking sculpture ‘The Caress’, a close look at the esteemed Nico Vascellari’s Performative Artwork and Rose by David Ferrua. More interviews are included with German rockband ‘Rammstein’ guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe, photographed by Miron Zownir, as he embarks on a new solo project and another with artist Martin Eder, photographed by Gregor Hohenberg, who ponders on spirituality and the human form.

This and plenty of other compelling content are finely packed into this latest edition to inject much needed warmth and excitement into the upcoming winter season.


Note that the 7 covers of issue 61 will be selected at random when ordered. At the end of the Checkout you can note which cover you prefer, so we can try to send the right one if possible.
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