Two creative magazines from Milan present their latest issues. ALLA CARTA, the magazine on high-end fashion, art and design, explores lush lust and carnal affinities in the LA GRANDE ABBUFFATA ISSUE. With ‘multo divertente photography’, by Francesco Nazardo, Jonathan Frantini, Pasquale Bove, and Yara de Nicola. Sensuality from Milano.

Alla Carta is a bi-annual international publication that approaches high-end fashion, art and design in a unique Italian way.

The LA GRANDE ABBUFFATA ISSUE (abbuffata means binge) tells of relationships that hang in a delicate balance and of pure carnal affinities. An ostentatious orgy of vice, ritual and obsession with grotesque images of an Italy frozen in time. The physical and symbolic density of food and the body. Desire and transgression. It festively features lunch with OAMC and Jil Sander creative director Luke Meier, a dinner with designer Damir Doma and a conversation with architect Nanda Vigo, plus Spring Summer 2017 collections and much more.

Alla Carta is a bi-annual international publication that approaches high-end fashion, art and design in a unique Italian way.

The result is pure lust for the eye, with an intimate Italian twist. You must be very enthousiastic by now, but we have to dampen this a bit. This Big Binge issue is completely sold out, but there is an escape. Older issues of ALLA CARTA are still available and a subscription solves the problem for at least a year, that is, for future issues. ALLA CARTA is published twice a year.

CollectibleDry magazine wants to be a platform of unendorsed points of view; a place where meaning prevails over an overload of the repeatable.

Also from Milan: COLLECTIBLE DRY, somewhat on the same track, researching the nature of love for a new generation. According to the LOVE ACTUALLY ISSUE of the magazine that publishes its third issue, there is a new desire to be people and at the same time a tendency toward a truer intimacy, one free of fashions, trends and restrictions. Thus the ‘pansexual, genderfuck generation’ was born, whose members reject the binary categories of gender: neither male nor female. “But in the end, does it still make sense to talk of love?”, says the editor, “Enough with sacrifice, we want the impossible! We want a loving world, one that leaves us be and lets us be ourselves. Not easy, right? Make love, not war.”

This is how this translates into content: accumulations of objects, fetishes revealing secret passions; the innocent exhibition of a beauty that doesn’t fear nudity. In the LOVE ACTUALLY ISSUE: creative work of JEFF BARK, AI JING, ELEANOR LAMBERT, ANTONIO MARRAS, ROBERT INDIANA, DOROTHEA LANGE and STAZ LINDES (cover).

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